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Bruce M. Frankel

InstitutionMedical University of South Carolina
AddressP.O. Box MSC 606
301 CSB
96 Jonathan Lucas St.
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    Boston University, Boston, MABA05/1990Biology
    Syracuse Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NYMD06/1994Medicine
    Syracuse Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NYMD07/1995General Surgery (internship)
    Syracuse Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NYMD07/2001Neurosurgery (resident)
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    1994Alpha Omega Alpha, Syracuse Upstate Medical University
    2014 - 2020Americas Top Doctors, Medical University of South Carolina

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    Brain Tumor, Spine Tumor, Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression, Pituitary Tumor, Complex Spine Surgery, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Endoscopic Spine Surgery

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    R01FD003542     (FRANKEL, BRUCE MICHAEL)Sep 1, 2009 - Aug 31, 2013
    P I/II Intraventricular DepoCyt (OD # 06-2348) in Glioblastoma (76,730, 11/06)
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Mark Semler, Bruce M. Frankel, Joe Ruscito -. Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement Device and Method U.S. Patent No.: 10,653,530. 2020.
    2. Frankel BM, Cachia D, Patel SJ, Das A. . Analysis of P(78): A Novel Cytoplasmic Membrane-Associated Protein Encoded on Chromosome 19q13.3 in Glioma Specimens. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience. 2020; 18(70):1415-1424.
    3. Frankel BM, Cachia D, Patel SJ, Das A. (2020) 2020. Targeting Subventricular Zone Progenitor Cells with Intraventricular Liposomal Encapsulated Cytarabine in Patients with Secondary Glioblastoma: A Report of Two Cases. SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine. 2020; 6(2):836-843.
    4. Henderson F, Hubbard ZS, Jones S, Barley J, Frankel BM . Endoscopic decompression of epidural spinal metastasis causing lumbar radiculopathy through a transforaminal approach: report of two cases. AME Case Rep. 2020; 2(4).
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    7. Mark Semler, Bruce M. Frankel . Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement Device and Method United States Patent No.: 9,889,018. 2018.
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    11. Buchholz AL, Frankel BM. Response. J Neurosurg Spine. 2016 Apr; 24(4):672. PMID: 27482580.
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    13. Bruce M. Frankel . Percutaneous Modular Head-to-Head Cross Connector U.S. Patent no: 9,023,087. 2015.
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    15. Bruce M. Frankel, Mark Semler . A Skeletal Bone Fixation Rod U.S. Patent no: D722,698. 2015.
    16. Mark Semler and Bruce Frankel . Anti-Splay Apparatus U.S. Patent no: 8,828,006. 2014.
    17. Kosnik-Infinger L, Glazier SS, Frankel BM. Response. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2014 Jan; 13(1):43-4. PMID: 24520577.
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    18. Frankel B, Krishna V, Vandergrift A, Bauer DC, Nicholas J. Natural history and risk factors for adjacent vertebral fractures in the fracture intervention trial. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2013 Dec 01; 38(25):2201-7. PMID: 24285276.
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    19. Kosnik-Infinger L, Glazier SS, Frankel BM. Occipital condyle to cervical spine fixation in the pediatric population. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2014 Jan; 13(1):45-53. PMID: 24206344.
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    20. Randall Baraso, Bruce M. Frankel, Kazutoshi Tsuchida, and Hiroaki Wakabayashi . Ultrasound Systems and Methods for Orthopedic Applications U.S. Patent no: 8,343,056. 2013.
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