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Denis C Guttridge

InstitutionMedical University of South Carolina
AddressP.O. Box MSC 514
DD 305
Drug Discovery Building - 70 President St.
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    1. Hong HK, Maury E, Ramsey KM, Perelis M, Marcheva B, Omura C, Kobayashi Y, Guttridge DC, Barish GD, Bass J. Requirement for NF-?B in maintenance of molecular and behavioral circadian rhythms in mice. Genes Dev. 2018 11 01; 32(21-22):1367-1379. PMID: 30366905.
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    2. Peterson JM, Wang DJ, Shettigar V, Roof SR, Canan BD, Bakkar N, Shintaku J, Gu JM, Little SC, Ratnam NM, Londhe P, Lu L, Gaw CE, Petrosino JM, Liyanarachchi S, Wang H, Janssen PML, Davis JP, Ziolo MT, Sharma SM, Guttridge DC. NF-?B inhibition rescues cardiac function by remodeling calcium genes in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy model. Nat Commun. 2018 Aug 24; 9(1):3431. PMID: 30143619.
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    3. Damrauer JS, Stadler ME, Acharyya S, Baldwin AS, Couch ME, Guttridge DC. Chemotherapy-induced muscle wasting: association with NF-?B and cancer cachexia. Eur J Transl Myol. 2018 Apr 24; 28(2):7590. PMID: 29991992.
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    4. Londhe P, Yu PY, Ijiri Y, Ladner KJ, Fenger JM, London C, Houghton PJ, Guttridge DC. Classical NF-?B Metabolically Reprograms Sarcoma Cells Through Regulation of Hexokinase 2. Front Oncol. 2018; 8:104. PMID: 29696133.
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    5. Chen S, Bonifati S, Qin Z, St Gelais C, Kodigepalli KM, Barrett BS, Kim SH, Antonucci JM, Ladner KJ, Buzovetsky O, Knecht KM, Xiong Y, Yount JS, Guttridge DC, Santiago ML, Wu L. SAMHD1 suppresses innate immune responses to viral infections and inflammatory stimuli by inhibiting the NF-?B and interferon pathways. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 04 17; 115(16):E3798-E3807. PMID: 29610295.
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    6. Ratnam NM, Peterson JM, Talbert EE, Ladner KJ, Rajasekera PV, Schmidt CR, Dillhoff ME, Swanson BJ, Haverick E, Kladney RD, Williams TM, Leone GW, Wang DJ, Guttridge DC. NF-?B regulates GDF-15 to suppress macrophage surveillance during early tumor development. J Clin Invest. 2017 Oct 02; 127(10):3796-3809. PMID: 28891811.
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    7. Cleary MM, Mansoor A, Settelmeyer T, Ijiri Y, Ladner KJ, Svalina MN, Rubin BP, Guttridge DC, Keller C. NF?B signaling in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Dis Model Mech. 2017 09 01; 10(9):1109-1115. PMID: 28883017.
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    8. Frakes AE, Braun L, Ferraiuolo L, Guttridge DC, Kaspar BK. Additive amelioration of ALS by co-targeting independent pathogenic mechanisms. Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2017 02; 4(2):76-86. PMID: 28168207.
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    9. Shintaku J, Peterson JM, Talbert EE, Gu JM, Ladner KJ, Williams DR, Mousavi K, Wang R, Sartorelli V, Guttridge DC. MyoD Regulates Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Metabolism Cooperatively with Alternative NF-?B. Cell Rep. 2016 10 04; 17(2):514-526. PMID: 27705798.
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    10. Maharry SE, Walker CJ, Liyanarachchi S, Mehta S, Patel M, Bainazar MA, Huang X, Lankenau MA, Hoag KW, Ranganathan P, Garzon R, Blachly JS, Guttridge DC, Bloomfield CD, de la Chapelle A, Eisfeld AK. Dissection of the Major Hematopoietic Quantitative Trait Locus in Chromosome 6q23.3 Identifies miR-3662 as a Player in Hematopoiesis and Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Cancer Discov. 2016 09; 6(9):1036-51. PMID: 27354268.
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    11. Cardenas H, Arango D, Nicholas C, Duarte S, Nuovo GJ, He W, Voss OH, Gonzalez-Mejia ME, Guttridge DC, Grotewold E, Doseff AI. Dietary Apigenin Exerts Immune-Regulatory Activity in Vivo by Reducing NF-?B Activity, Halting Leukocyte Infiltration and Restoring Normal Metabolic Function. Int J Mol Sci. 2016 Mar 01; 17(3):323. PMID: 26938530; PMCID: PMC4813185.
    12. Gu JM, Wang DJ, Peterson JM, Shintaku J, Liyanarachchi S, Coppola V, Frakes AE, Kaspar BK, Cornelison DD, Guttridge DC. An NF-?B--EphrinA5-Dependent Communication between NG2(+) Interstitial Cells and Myoblasts Promotes Muscle Growth in Neonates. Dev Cell. 2016 Jan 25; 36(2):215-24. PMID: 26777211; PMCID: PMC4732710 [Available on 01/25/17].
    13. Kornegay JN, Peterson JM, Bogan DJ, Kline W, Bogan JR, Dow JL, Fan Z, Wang J, Ahn M, Zhu H, Styner M, Guttridge DC. NBD delivery improves the disease phenotype of the golden retriever model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Skelet Muscle. 2014; 4:18. PMID: 25789154; PMCID: PMC4364341.
    14. Wang DJ, Ratnam NM, Byrd JC, Guttridge DC. NF-?B functions in tumor initiation by suppressing the surveillance of both innate and adaptive immune cells. Cell Rep. 2014 Oct 09; 9(1):90-103. PMID: 25263557.
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    15. Frakes AE, Ferraiuolo L, Haidet-Phillips AM, Schmelzer L, Braun L, Miranda CJ, Ladner KJ, Bevan AK, Foust KD, Godbout JP, Popovich PG, Guttridge DC, Kaspar BK. Microglia induce motor neuron death via the classical NF-?B pathway in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neuron. 2014 Mar 05; 81(5):1009-1023. PMID: 24607225; PMCID: PMC3978641.
    16. He WA, Berardi E, Cardillo VM, Acharyya S, Aulino P, Thomas-Ahner J, Wang J, Bloomston M, Muscarella P, Nau P, Shah N, Butchbach ME, Ladner K, Adamo S, Rudnicki MA, Keller C, Coletti D, Montanaro F, Guttridge DC. NF-?B-mediated Pax7 dysregulation in the muscle microenvironment promotes cancer cachexia. J Clin Invest. 2013 Nov; 123(11):4821-35. PMID: 24084740; PMCID: PMC3809785.
    17. Balkhi MY, Balkhi MY, Iwenofu OH, Bakkar N, Ladner KJ, Chandler DS, Houghton PJ, London CA, Kraybill W, Perrotti D, Croce CM, Keller C, Guttridge DC. miR-29 acts as a decoy in sarcomas to protect the tumor suppressor A20 mRNA from degradation by HuR. Sci Signal. 2013 Jul 30; 6(286):ra63. PMID: 23901138; PMCID: PMC3885907.
    18. Shintaku J, Guttridge DC. Reining in nuclear factor-kappaB in skeletal muscle disorders. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2013 May; 16(3):251-7. PMID: 23493016.
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    19. Remels AH, Gosker HR, Bakker J, Guttridge DC, Schols AM, Langen RC. Regulation of skeletal muscle oxidative phenotype by classical NF-?B signalling. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013 Aug; 1832(8):1313-25. PMID: 23563317.
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    20. Tilstra JS, Robinson AR, Wang J, Gregg SQ, Clauson CL, Reay DP, Nasto LA, St Croix CM, Usas A, Vo N, Huard J, Clemens PR, Stolz DB, Guttridge DC, Watkins SC, Garinis GA, Wang Y, Niedernhofer LJ, Robbins PD. NF-?B inhibition delays DNA damage-induced senescence and aging in mice. J Clin Invest. 2012 Jul; 122(7):2601-12. PMID: 22706308; PMCID: PMC3386805.
    21. Balkhi MY, Willette-Brown J, Zhu F, Chen Z, Liu S, Guttridge DC, Karin M, Hu Y. IKKa-mediated signaling circuitry regulates early B lymphopoiesis during hematopoiesis. Blood. 2012 Jun 07; 119(23):5467-77. PMID: 22544702; PMCID: PMC3369682.
    22. Bakkar N, Ladner K, Canan BD, Liyanarachchi S, Bal NC, Pant M, Periasamy M, Li Q, Janssen PM, Guttridge DC. IKKa and alternative NF-?B regulate PGC-1ß to promote oxidative muscle metabolism. J Cell Biol. 2012 Feb 20; 196(4):497-511. PMID: 22351927; PMCID: PMC3284000.
    23. Dahlman JM, Guttridge DC. Detection of NF-?B activity in skeletal muscle cells by electrophoretic mobility shift analysis. Methods Mol Biol. 2012; 798:505-16. PMID: 22130857.
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    24. Lu A, Proto JD, Guo L, Tang Y, Lavasani M, Tilstra JS, Niedernhofer LJ, Wang B, Guttridge DC, Robbins PD, Huard J. NF-?B negatively impacts the myogenic potential of muscle-derived stem cells. Mol Ther. 2012 Mar; 20(3):661-8. PMID: 22158056; PMCID: PMC3293604.
    25. Shadfar S, Couch ME, McKinney KA, Weinstein LJ, Yin X, Rodríguez JE, Guttridge DC, Willis M. Oral resveratrol therapy inhibits cancer-induced skeletal muscle and cardiac atrophy in vivo. Nutr Cancer. 2011; 63(5):749-62. PMID: 21660860; PMCID: PMC3623008.
    26. Reay DP, Yang M, Watchko JF, Daood M, O'Day TL, Rehman KK, Guttridge DC, Robbins PD, Clemens PR. Systemic delivery of NEMO binding domain/IKK? inhibitory peptide to young mdx mice improves dystrophic skeletal muscle histopathology. Neurobiol Dis. 2011 Sep; 43(3):598-608. PMID: 21624467; PMCID: PMC3145633.
    27. Delfín DA, Xu Y, Peterson JM, Guttridge DC, Rafael-Fortney JA, Janssen PM. Improvement of cardiac contractile function by peptide-based inhibition of NF-?B in the utrophin/dystrophin-deficient murine model of muscular dystrophy. J Transl Med. 2011 May 17; 9:68. PMID: 21586145; PMCID: PMC3212940.
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    29. Peterson JM, Bakkar N, Guttridge DC. NF-?B signaling in skeletal muscle health and disease. Curr Top Dev Biol. 2011; 96:85-119. PMID: 21621068.
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    30. Acharyya S, Sharma SM, Cheng AS, Ladner KJ, He W, Kline W, Wang H, Ostrowski MC, Huang TH, Guttridge DC. TNF inhibits Notch-1 in skeletal muscle cells by Ezh2 and DNA methylation mediated repression: implications in duchenne muscular dystrophy. PLoS One. 2010 Aug 30; 5(8):e12479. PMID: 20814569; PMCID: PMC2930001.
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    37. Wang H, Sun H, Guttridge DC. microRNAs: novel components in a muscle gene regulatory network. Cell Cycle. 2009 Jun 15; 8(12):1833-7. PMID: 19448406.
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    38. Dahlman JM, Wang J, Bakkar N, Guttridge DC. The RelA/p65 subunit of NF-kappaB specifically regulates cyclin D1 protein stability: implications for cell cycle withdrawal and skeletal myogenesis. J Cell Biochem. 2009 Jan 01; 106(1):42-51. PMID: 19016262.
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    39. Wang H, Garzon R, Sun H, Ladner KJ, Singh R, Dahlman J, Cheng A, Hall BM, Qualman SJ, Chandler DS, Croce CM, Guttridge DC. NF-kappaB-YY1-miR-29 regulatory circuitry in skeletal myogenesis and rhabdomyosarcoma. Cancer Cell. 2008 Nov 04; 14(5):369-81. PMID: 18977326; PMCID: PMC3829205.
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    42. Peterson JM, Guttridge DC. Skeletal muscle diseases, inflammation, and NF-kappaB signaling: insights and opportunities for therapeutic intervention. Int Rev Immunol. 2008; 27(5):375-87. PMID: 18853344.
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    43. Nicholas C, Batra S, Vargo MA, Voss OH, Gavrilin MA, Wewers MD, Guttridge DC, Grotewold E, Doseff AI. Apigenin blocks lipopolysaccharide-induced lethality in vivo and proinflammatory cytokines expression by inactivating NF-kappaB through the suppression of p65 phosphorylation. J Immunol. 2007 Nov 15; 179(10):7121-7. PMID: 17982104.
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    44. Madhavan S, Anghelina M, Sjostrom D, Dossumbekova A, Guttridge DC, Agarwal S. Biomechanical signals suppress TAK1 activation to inhibit NF-kappaB transcriptional activation in fibrochondrocytes. J Immunol. 2007 Nov 01; 179(9):6246-54. PMID: 17947700; PMCID: PMC4950928.
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    52. Chen S, Guttridge DC, Tang E, Shi S, Guan K, Wang CY. Suppression of tumor necrosis factor-mediated apoptosis by nuclear factor kappaB-independent bone morphogenetic protein/Smad signaling. J Biol Chem. 2001 Oct 19; 276(42):39259-63. PMID: 11500509.
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    54. Guttridge DC, Mayo MW, Madrid LV, Wang CY, Baldwin AS. NF-kappaB-induced loss of MyoD messenger RNA: possible role in muscle decay and cachexia. Science. 2000 Sep 29; 289(5488):2363-6. PMID: 11009425.
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    59. Guttridge DC, Albanese C, Reuther JY, Pestell RG, Baldwin AS. NF-kappaB controls cell growth and differentiation through transcriptional regulation of cyclin D1. Mol Cell Biol. 1999 Aug; 19(8):5785-99. PMID: 10409765; PMCID: PMC84428.
    60. Guttridge DC, Lau A, Tran L, Cunningham DD. Thrombin causes a marked delay in skeletal myogenesis that correlates with the delayed expression of myogenin and p21CIP1/WAF1. J Biol Chem. 1997 Sep 26; 272(39):24117-20. PMID: 9305855.
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